National Online Tax Preparation & Services

Have your taxes done from the convenience of your own home by using the Internet and our ACTS Tax Preparation Service.  This will save you time, money and allow you to work with a tax professional from the convenience of your computer.  No more driving down to the tax preparer’s office, fighting traffic, spending time in the waiting room or having to take time off from work.  With today’s technology all of this can be done online through the use of telephone conferences or online webinars.  The process consists of the following:

1.  You contact us at
2.  You are assigned a tax professional
3.  You are provided with a data gathering form to be faxed or emailed
4.  You will fax or email a copy of last year’s tax return
5.  The tax professional will complete the return
6.  The tax professional will e-mail you a preliminary return for your review
7.  The tax professional will review the return with you
8.  You will provide either a debit or credit card for payment of services
9.  The tax return is then e-filed and placed on you own personal web stoarge space where you can access your return and backup at anytime.

Throughout the year the ACTS will stay in contact with you.  We will notify you of impending tax law changes and be here to answer your tax related questions.  In the event of an audit we will prepare you for your appointment or for an additional fee we will represent you in an audit.  If your return needs to be amended due to an error on our part we will correct it at no additional cost to you.  If a return needs to be amended due to an omission on your part then our normal amended return fee will apply.

Contact us now at or call 407-834-0337