Helping Churches & Ministries Take Control

The ACTS Program can also help churches and ministries take control of their accounting, banking and credit card functions by automating these processes.  Each church or ministry can choose those services they need from our menu.  Just want QuickBooks online, it’s yours.  Want to add training, you can do it!  Want direct deposit payroll or payroll through Paychx(c) – it’s your choice!

Maintain donor files for annual reporting.  Send email reports to your leadership with the click of a button.  Transfer reports to excel where you can manage and change them.  Set up multiple users so that your leadership can monitor the churches or ministries finances.  Keep a list of members.  Allow members to pay with a credit card.

Your Church or Ministry is in control.  In addition, we’ll keep you abreast of any tax changes that may impact your church or ministry.

We will tithe back 10% on any members who use our service. We want to be a resource to your church and members.