ACTS will Save you Money!

ACTS will eliminate the need for you to write checks by encouraging you to use online banking or credit cards that reward you to pay your bills for you.  You will also eliminate the need for envelopes and for postage.

You will be coached by your personal ACTS mentor (your own CFO) through our 4-week mentoring program, so that you learn all aspects of online banking, online QuickBooks and the tax-saving features of ACTS – your Cash Management Program.  Then your personal ACTS mentor will work with you to help you manage your accounting and banking functions on a continuous basis.  It’s like having your own Chief Financial Officer.

ACTS Program Features & Benefits:

  • Eliminate  time consuming accounting details!  Save Time!
  • Streamline your banking functions!  Save Money!
  • Identity Theft Protection!  Peace of Mind!
  • Protect your important financial records!   Safety!
  • Maximize your tax savings (if you’re IRS compliant)! Guaranteed!
  • Leverage the expertise of a personal ACTS mentor/coach!
  •    Iniital 4 week mentoring program!  One on One with your Mentor/Coach
  •    Continuous Mentoring/Coaching!  Your Personal CFO    
  •    Accounting jobs done for you monthly!  Your Personal Accountant   
  •    Periodic Profitability Reviews!  Helping you watch your spending
  •    Periodic Accounting Reviews! Helping you keep your books in order
  •    Periodic Tax Reviews! Helping you stay informed – no tax surprises 
  •    Support within minutes! You’re never alone
  •    Bi-weekly communication! Helping you manage your business
  • Access your banking and accounting functions from any computer, anywhere!

Your Success is our Main Goal!

Isn’t it time you took charge of your banking and accounting functions?

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